My Road to Paradise portrays a progression of life that begins with the concept of an ideal family circle and ends with the last mile of one’s journey. Between these two book ends the choices one makes in life will be used to cast the mold for the key that will unlock the gate that leads to your eternal destination. As this final destination approaches you will be confronted with irreversible reality, either the best is yet to come or your worst nightmare awaits. Throughout the book, I have shared a spattering of my own personal life decisions, wise and unwise, and a glimpse into how the Holy Spirit guided me through the successes and failures that ultimately became my road to paradise.

Paradise is a place where hopes and dreams gather to meet with uncommon realities.

Living Life

Bryce Canyon NP, Utah offered the perfect Kodak moment for the cover of Living Life.  The vast amphitheater is crowded with eroded rock formations called “hoodoos.”  Standing in front of the theater, a solitary pale-colored figure faces the multitudes of red-rock geological formations.  Along the rim of the canyon, the back of the lone figure paints the perfect image of Jesus sharing His gospel with the crowds. Living Life is written especially to those who do not have a personal relationship with Christ; the casual Christian and those who need reminding that, “yes God really loves you.”  He still has exciting plans for your life. The book of 25 pages is illustrated with colored photographs, metaphors and numerous scripture references.  They are stratecically located to serve as guide-posts throughout your earthly journey with Jesus.

Jesus spoke to the people and those who believed his message received eternal life.